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Puglia, August 2006
Puglia, August 2006
My well deserved vacation in the usual, beloved corner of Paradise which is Salento. Gallipoli, Otranto and old times friends whom have returned there 12 years after my blessed first meeting with Stef.
These pictures show just the second week of holidays, because I need to have Chiara's shots from the first one, when I never used the camera.
This year I am pretty lazy with camera shooting, I apologize, but I believe anyway you can get a glimpse of this holiday.
Images of the Garda Lake&London MAY BE added, in case I will actually be in shape to take shots, and not merely resting and enjoy myself like I did in the first half of August.
Believe me, I was dried out by work and I deserved to cut off ANY kind of duty, even the one of taking pics, for once ;)
Hope you understand, now enjoy the pics and have fun, Meli :)
All images are object of copyright and they cannot be stolen, copied and/or manipulated without the explicit and expressed consent of Melania Cioni, aka "gallimel".
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